Friday, 28 August 2009

Informal Introductions

This is me smiling.

My name is Paul. Im 23 years of age and living between Barnet and Enfield, North London. I'm a Personal Trainer and Dance Teacher and in general, i'm pretty sporty. To cut a huge story short(er), I've tried a number of sporting activities, and been quite full-on with alot of the training, and recently had to take 9 months out due to injury. Since recovering from the injury, I've been lacking a goal to work towards, and found it hard to motivate myself, so although wanting to train, I didn't actually have anything to train for. I was still active, for my job is active, and the dance teaching kept me fit (

For a number of reasons, I found motivation to train for something tangible, a goal to work towards achieving. For two reasons I chose triathlons:

1. My knees cause me a great deal of problem. Running, Taekwondo, and Dance have really put alot of strain on them, along with a bone deformity called Tibial Varum (see diagram). The idea is that swimming will be a good form of exercise without injuring the knees
further, and cycling will be a great non-impact exercise to strengthen and
support the knees.

2. I recieved a little push from a lovely (she will read this) friend, who i now train with.

The only problem is with the idea of triathlons is that i can't swim, and i haven't riden a bike since i was very small.

As of August 3rd 2009, when my training began:

Swim: Bad. Can manage 2 lengths front crawl. Reasonable speed i think, but no technique, or stamina. This is me in the pool.

Bike: Should be ok, but haven't riden a bike for a long time, although teach spinning.

Run: Should be my strength. 10k = 38 minutes PB (4 years ago) and 1st and only half marathon = 1:36:35 in Barcelona 2009 (February)

This blog will track my progress, feel free to give advice or comments, and thanks for reading!

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  1. first comment; welcome! now i can officially add u to my reading list.

    so - swimming - i don't think you're quite at the floaty arm stage. i would have thought larger flotation aids, like life saving rings, would be more appropriate :)